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Sclerotherapy is a method used by doctors for many decades to combat and eliminate varicose veins. The goal of sclerotherapy is to shrink the affected blood vessels so that, over time, it becomes scar tissue that, in plain sight, is invisible in addition to disappearing to a large extent all kinds of pain related to varicose veins.

Sclerotherapy is a treatment for spider veins or varicose veins with a very fine needle, with which you give yourself injections. To improve the beauty of the legs, in addition to aesthetics, it relieves swelling and cramps that usually accompany the problem of varicose veins, each injection has a 90% effectiveness result, they are very reliable.

It is a treatment designed to be as invasive as possible, since other treatments use scalpels and all those things that are scary, because this is not. They use a very fine needle through which they inject a liquid that deflates the veins instantly and projects to eliminate varicose veins forever.

Sclerotherapy is not only used for cosmetic purposes because by eliminating varicose veins the cramps, burning and swelling caused by them disappear.

Once the sclerosing injection is applied directly to the affected vein, it envelops the vein layer, leaving it irritated, for this reason, it begins to swell and detach. As the days go by, the vein begins to heal and then fade away. Once you have finished the treatment, the doctor will make a recommendation for you to follow them at home, such as the use of compression stockings, or tight bands on the legs.

In some cases side effects occur, very large varicose veins become very inflamed for several months and this becomes scary but calm that it is part of the procedure.

In the place where you received the injection, there are red spots that are supposed to fade after a few days.

The first results can be seen after 3 weeks, once the varicose veins that begin to fade from the treatment no longer appear again.

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