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Dermapen is a treatment that reaffirms and rejuvenates older skin. Among its benefits, it highlights its effectiveness in eliminating expression lines, stretch marks, and even acne marks.

Dermapen is a device that has 11 to 15 microneedles that stimulate collagen to rejuvenate and firm the skin. In this way, it helps us erase wrinkles and expression lines on our face. Also, it is very effective in reducing stubborn stretch marks, scars, and acne marks.

It is used through a combined and controlled microdermabrasion and mesotherapy to reach the desired depth in the patient’s skin. Thus, we manage to minimize the damage we can cause to the epidermis.

During the procedure, the depth of the needle can be adjusted, depending on the needs of the patient’s skin and the area to be treated. This device is simple to use in areas such as facial contours and the most delicate areas of the face.

Thanks to this ultra-thin microneedle insertion device, which is done automatically, we can increase the absorption of the products that are going to be applied during the rejuvenating treatment.

 Different active ingredients are used when performing this procedure. These products vary depending on the patient’s skin, the pathologies (acne spots, acne sequelae, photoaging, solar elastosis, scars sequelae etc). Also usually work with plasma rich in platelets, peptides and hyaluronic acid, for better results.

Unlike other treatments, such as exposure to lasers, where recovery is much slower than with the Dermapen; This treatment does not produce any pain or discomfort. This device uses such fine needles, which are barely appreciated, making it a relatively comfortable method. Although, if necessary, an anesthetic cream can be applied to the skin.

Once the session is over, a slight reddening of the skin is usually seen. In spite of this, it is not necessary to worry, since it is a common symptom and that will remit with the days. That is why it is important to avoid sun exposure completely. It is also not recommended to apply makeup, at least during the 12 hours after the procedure. During the first three days, it is recommended to hydrate the skin, as it usually feels a bit dry.

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