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Breast Gland Reduction

Breast reduction, technically called Reduction Mammoplasty, is the surgical procedure aimed at reducing the gland, fatty tissue and the skin that surrounds it, forming smaller, taller, tighter and more harmonized breasts.

Breast reduction is more a functional demand than cosmetic. Most patients intervene because the large breast volume restricts their normal activities. The best candidate is that patient who understands the procedure, heals and is realistic with expectations.

Your surgeon will indicate the need for a preoperative study, including mammography of both breasts. You should pay special attention to certain habits such as chronic smoking or corticosteroid intake, acetylsalicylic acid, etc.

Breast reduction is always performed under general anesthesia. The techniques are very varied, although all of them look for a higher areola position, a narrowing of the base and especially that the shape is natural. The surgery involves the removal of skin, gland and fat, mobilizing the breast areola to its new position. The end of the intervention is very common to perform liposuction in the axillary area, to reduce the fatty accumulations that confer a broad-based breast appearance.

The final incisions vary a lot from the typical inverted “T” for those cases of very large breasts and pendulums, to the vertical that goes from the lower portion of the areola to the submammary groove in cases of very fallen breasts but with breast augmentation moderate. Breast reduction has a good postoperative period. You can live a normal life after 10 days. Although the final result will take more than three months or even 1 year.

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