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Arm lift or Brachioplasty is a technique that has been booming lately. It is especially suitable for you if you have lost a lot of weight in a short time or have lost elasticity in your arms. Age is another very important factor, since from the age of 40 you begin to manifest sagging in areas of your body like your arms.

It consists of eliminating all the skin and fat that exists in the inner face of the arms. This intervention is usually performed in people who have lost weight, after an obesity treatment or simply because of the passage of time. Its main objective is to obtain well-stylized arms that harmonize with your whole body.

Who is a good candidate for Brachioplasty?

  • Adults with significant arm skin laxity
  • Adults of any age whose weight is relatively stable and without excessive overweight
  • Healthy people without medical conditions that alter the risk of scarring
  • No smoking people
  • People with a positive attitude and realistic expectations in the intervention.


The effect of improvement is evident immediately, returning the thin and toned arms, although the final result must be evaluated after six months, as well as any adjustment.

It should be taken into account that Brachioplasty surgery stops the normal aging process, so it is inevitable that with age the skin relaxes or determine a new increase in size with weight gain. However, even without further adjustment, the appearance of your arms will still be better than if the “intervention had not been executed!

Inevitably, the “intervention produces permanent scars to the extent of which depends on the amount and site of tissue to be removed, but improves over time. Minor Brachioplasty involves only a scar in the axillary fold. If instead of the most extensive scar it extends longitudinally on the inner posterior surface of the arm to the elbow and, in large obese, to the chest. It may also be evident when the patient raises his arms above his head. Besides, some patients due to excessive reactivity of the skin may develop red, enlarged or hypertrophic scars and therefore easily visible. They are treatable with surgery or require revision surgery after one year.

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