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Within the wide range of surgical interventions that exist and that can improve almost the entire human body, the breast augmentation operation is the second in demand worldwide (only surpassed by liposuction) with approximately more than 360 thousand operations in one year only in the United States. This data indicates that there was an increase of 9% over the previous year and the growth in demand continues.

Breast implant surgery is a surgical procedure to improve the size and shape of the breasts using implants. Breast augmentation is performed for several reasons that vary from patient to patient, some cosmetic and other medical. Breast implants are currently all silicone, filled with silicone gel.

This procedure is focused on women who want to improve the size and shape of their breasts because:

  • They want to correct uneven breasts.
  • They want to recover or improve the shape and size of their breasts after a pregnancy or a great weight loss.
  • They are dissatisfied with the original breast size.
  • They want to correct a unilateral or bilateral congenital deformity of the breasts.

Some Points about Breast Augmentation

To have those dreamed breasts, regardless of the size chosen, it is important to decide some issues that can be decisive when it comes to seeing the results.

One of them is to choose the modality by which the prosthesis or implant will be inserted, and there are two ways: to place the implant behind the breast tissue, this is above the muscle, or insert it below the skin. There is also variety in the type of implant, both in the form and in the filling materials, and finally how the surgery is performed (the location of the cut and subsequent suture) can also determine a difference for the patient.

In general, the best candidates for breast implants are patients who:

  • Are over legal age.
  • Are not pregnant or nursing.
  • Have a good state of health.
  • They are psychologically stable.
  • Want to improve their appearance.
  • Have realistic goals and expectations.

What are the risks of breast implant surgery?

As with any type of surgery, some possible risks and complications should be kept in mind. Surgical complications are rare. However, these are more common in patients who have low defenses, bleeding disorders, or conditions that interfere with wound healing. Common risks in any type of surgery are discomfort (pain), bruising, capsular constriction, infections, etc. However, all these complications are uncommon in most patients.

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