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Lipectomy or Tummy Tuck

The lipectomy is the surgical procedure for men and women that removes excess skin and fat from the abdominal walls. At the same time, it contracts and flattens the muscles of the abdomen giving a thinner appearance.

This procedure guarantees the total removal of excess skin. However, the size of the incision depends on the degree of excess skin, the final result of the scar and the navel depends on the healing of your skin, as the procedure is carefully performed with appropriate instruments. The integral process of before and after lipectomy is important.

Before the tummy tuck intervention, it is important that at the first consultation the doctor finds out the patient’s health conditions. To do this, the doctor will order the tests and studies that are necessary. In general, such studies aim to rule out cardiovascular, coagulation and lung difficulties. Lipectomy or abdomen surgery or tummy tuck surgery is a surgery applied to the areas of the abdomen, contours, and hips, to obtain a better figure and look aesthetically better. It should be noted that abdominal lipectomy strengthens the abdomen. However, this surgical procedure can always be accompanied by a liposculpture (tumescent liposuction) everything will depend on the aesthetic needs of the patient and the recommendations of the plastic surgeon. This type of abdominal surgery does not have many complications, since organs or viscera are not intervened, blood vessels or muscles are not touched either.

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