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The skin is our first line of contact with the outside. Specifically, facial skin is more susceptible to the effects of time, which causes the loss of elasticity, tone, smoothness, and firmness of structures in general as the year’s progress.

This deterioration translates into the appearance of expression lines that, with wear and tear, will give rise to wrinkles that arise in different areas such as the periorbital (around the eyes), the peribucal (around the mouth), in the frown, at the corners of the mouth or at the “rictus” or nasogenian groove. Age also reveals other problems that affect the aesthetic harmony of the face such as loss of volume, typical of aging, on lips, cheekbones, etc.

Currently, different methods help solve each of these problems. Infiltrations (fine needle injections) of fluids at shallow depth and fill implants (by hidden microincision) of resorbable substances have been developed. Both techniques aim to eliminate wrinkles and hide scars, round cheekbones, cheeks or chin. However, one of the most popular uses in recent years is the contribution of volume to the lips.

Hyaluronic Acid is the star product for facial rejuvenation; It is used as a dermal filler because of its ability to retain fluid and attract water, in addition to stimulating the production of collagen.

Depending on the depth of the wrinkle, different needle and formulation thicknesses can be used, thus allowing the product to be adapted to the patient’s needs.


We currently have a non-surgical alternative based on the recovery of the components that the skin loses over the years. Through the infiltration of fillers such as hyaluronic acid, we can hide skin and lip aging getting, in a simple way, a splendid appearance thanks to the correction of small defects.

The materials used are compatible with the organism, chemically and physically stable (they do not change over time) and imperceptible to the touch, characteristics that allow to achieve a natural and permanent result.

The filling technique using Hyaluronic Acid is a technique recommended for those who wish to improve the thickness and projection of the lip, improve the definition of Cupid’s arch, raise excessively fallen corners, correct wrinkles in the upper part of the lip, correct the frown lines, reduce facial rictus, without changing expression, improving the condition and quality of the skin in general. The duration of this filling ranges from 10-12 months, depending on the individual response, genetic characteristics and physical activity or not, the quality of hydration, the type of food.

 In other words, it depends on the patient whether or not he perpetuates his investment.

Another type of Filler used is the Autologous Fat, that is, the fat extracted from the body itself, mainly where there is excess of it. This procedure is with local anesthesia, in a physical environment that guarantees patient safety.

It is extracted through liposuction, the fat is infiltrated with specialized needles mainly to areas of the grooves around the mouth, sequelae of anterior scars, the eyebrows among others. The application of this type of material must always be with extra correction lipoinject an additional 30% of what is expected, since the fat, even being of the same body, but of different anatomical places, is gradually degraded even in a 30-35% over 6 months. The results last an average of 12-18 months.

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