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Bichectomy, Bichat’s fat pad are clusters of fat that are located below the cheekbones and that give support and structure to our face, and depending on their size they can give us a round-faced appearance with little defined or elongated angles and stylized.

Through a process of cosmetic surgery called “Bichectomy” you can remove the excess volume of these bags achieving a more elongated, thin face and making the facial bone structure more defined.

This procedure is just one of several that promise to improve the appearance of the face, correcting those facial features that do not meet the current beauty standards that dictate that the beautiful faces are those with prominent cheekbones and sharp cheeks.

Some of the details you should take into account before performing this aesthetic procedure:

1. Cheek Reduction

They vary from patient to patient:

Bichat bags are present in all people; However, these fatty deposits can be exaggerated or deficient, giving the face a bulky or more stylized appearance.

2. Round faces

This cosmetic surgery is more requested in people who have round faces and who seek to highlight the cheekbones or who want their face to have a proportion in line with their slender figure.

3. Outpatient surgery

The surgical procedure to remove Bichat bags is simple. Local anesthesia with a little sedation through the vein is required; an intrabuccal incision is made that does not exceed 1 cm. The duration of the intervention ranges from 30 to 45 minutes.

4. Recovery

After surgery, recovery is initially taken 2 hours in recovery and later is carried out at home. During the first postoperative days, the volume of the cheeks increases and there is the presence of pain in the area. After 15 or 21 days the face deflates and after three months you can see the definitive changes.

5. Complications

Some complications or sequelae that may occur after surgery are bruises, infections or post-operative abscesses. In severe cases or due to improper practice, facial nerve paralysis or facial asymmetry may occur.

6. Recommendations

To prevent infections it is important to maintain oral hygiene before the intervention and also after surgery.

7. Post-Operative care

It is recommended to drink cold liquids 24 hours after surgery, and exercises should be avoided the first two weeks after the operation.

8. “Bichectomy” and “Bichatoplasty” are not the same

Bichectomy is a surgical procedure by which Bichat’s fat pad or waves are removed, while Bichatoplasty or thinning of the cheeks is a resection of the fatty bags that make the cheeks less bulky or rounded.

9. Final results

With this surgery, definitive results were obtained. Although the person gains weight it is not necessary to repeat the procedure.

10. Always go to a specialist

You must go with a surgeon certificate to explain more about the procedure and not take risks. Although it is a simple surgery it is important to perform it with an expert to avoid complications.

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